The Art of Conscious Action:
The Power of Intention

Are you feeling stuck in a loop of reactive behaviors, finding yourself constantly at the mercy of life's endless "triggers?"  Perhaps you're grappling with emotional patterns that leave you drained, or mental habits that pull you away from your true goals and aspirations.

In today's fast-paced world, it's all too easy to fall into automatic responses that don't serve us well, leading to a sense of disconnection from our deepest desires and visions for life.

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Many of us experience moments when our reactions to everyday stressors, from a challenging email to an unexpected disagreement, seem out of our control. We find ourselves swept away by waves of frustration, anxiety, or disappointment, reacting in ways that only serve to escalate our distress rather than bringing us peace and resolution.

It's a cycle that not only affects our mental and emotional well-being but also impacts our relationships, our work, and our overall quality of life.


Imagine if you could step out of this cycle, transforming these automatic responses into conscious actions that empower and align you with your true intentions.

What if you could navigate life's challenges with grace, intention, and a sense of empowerment?

"The Art of Conscious Action" is designed to guide you through this very transformation, offering you the tools and insights needed to turn reactive patterns into powerful, intentional behaviors.

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This course serves as a starting point for those desiring to reclaim their power over their emotional and mental states, offering a path to not just manage but transcend the triggers that have held sway over their actions.

Through a journey of self-discovery and practical application, you'll learn to recognize your triggers, understand their impact, and master techniques to manage them effectively, transforming them into opportunities for growth and empowerment.

The Art of Conscious Action is more than a course; it's an invitation to a new way of living, where every thought, emotion, and action is aligned with your deepest goals and visions. It's time to break free from the cycle of reactivity and step into a life of intentional, empowered action.

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The course will teach you:

How to Identify and Manage Emotional and Mental Triggers so you can create a space between life's triggers and your reactions, empowering you to respond rather than react.

How to Use Intentional Breathing so you can regulate the nervous system and interrupt automatic reactions to make room for conscious decision-making, leading to more centered and empowering actions.

How to Redefine Your Thought Patterns and Beliefs so you can transform limiting beliefs into empowering narratives that align with your goals.

How to Direct Your Mind Towards Growth and Positive Change so you can overcome the brain's resistance to the unfamiliar, fostering a mindset of expansion and exploration that aligns your inner world with your envisioned future.

Course Overview

Participants in the Art of Conscious Action will be committing to a 3-module (self-paced) program. All lessons are pre-recorded.

Each lesson contains:

Lesson videos that introduce
the concepts and skills being trained

Journaling/contemplation prompts

Guided meditation/inner training
audio recordings

Energy reset techniques
to use throughout the day

Sample Lesson Topics:

  • From Trigger to Transformation
  • Harnessing Breath for Emotional and Mental Mastery
  • Redirecting Inner Patterns
  • From Unconscious Reactions to Conscious Responses
  • How Beliefs Shape Our Lives
  • The Power of Story
  • Growth Mindset Mastery



MIKE WANG is a coach for heart-centered high performers and creator of the Inner Foundation Series contemplative training program, which helps people learn to manage their energy and align mental and emotional strategies in order to achieve greater fulfillment in life, work and relationships.

He is also a meditation, qigong, tai chi and kung fu teacher - having practiced these contemplative mind-body practices for over 25 years and has been teaching out of his studio in Boulder, Colorado since 2007.