Align your inner landscape
to create outer results.

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Whether you want better performance in your work or career, deeper and more meaningful relationships in your life, or to improve your body or overall health and wellbeing, the Fundamentals of Fulfillment framework and contemplative training program offers a path.


I help people learn to develop practical skills and tools to dissolve the inner patterns that are no longer serving them and replace them with updated, more conscious ones that align with the outer results they choose to create for themselves and in their lives.

frame_0007-400w-225h-7f Fundamentals of Fulfillment (Self-study) $330.00

“Fundamentals of Fulfillment literally saved my marriage of 34 years. My wife and I were on the verge of divorce...constantly bickering, criticizing, and blaming each other. By applying the skills we learned from the program, we have completely transformed our relationship. I cannot thank Mike enough for everything.”

frame_0007-400w-225h-7f Fundamentals of Fulfillment (Self-study) $330.00

“What I loved most about this program [FoF] is that I’ve learned to stop and become aware of all that is going on inside me prior to reacting. I've learned things I can use the rest of my life. I consciously breathe now when I'm stressed. I feel like I've become kinder and more patient - with myself and with others. I'm more aware of when I'm not present - and I'm able to bring myself back to the moment. I noticed that over the past few months my anxiety level has decreased and my relationships have improved. I feel more confident that I'm able to achieve anything I set my mind to.”

frame_0007-400w-225h-7f Fundamentals of Fulfillment (Self-study) $330.00

“When I started the program [FoF], I was feeling very emotional and unstable at work. I often cried and thought about quitting my job. I didn't know how to handle my emotions. But now, things are much better. I feel peaceful and confident at work, and I've learned how to express my emotions in a healthier way. I'm proud of what I'm accomplishing and I feel comfortable in my leadership role. I've also learned how to manage my time and energy better, which has given me more bandwidth in life.”