Inner Foundation Series
 Unlock the Obstacles that are Preventing You
from Achieving the Outcomes You Desire in Life:
A Contemplative Training Program

Is there some area of your life, or maybe even multiple areas, where you aspire for something to be better? Or perhaps you have a big goal or dream - but you feel like you’re constantly getting in your own way and not living up to your potential? You are not alone.

Maybe it’s in your career or your business? Maybe it’s in the relationships in your life, like with your family and friends - or a significant other? Perhaps you would like to improve your health or physical fitness in some way?

Chances are, you already have some idea of what it is you would like to be better, but you just haven’t been able to achieve it yet. You may not exactly know what is preventing you from making the desired change - and what you could do to overcome that.

But you do know that something is in your way. Because if there wasn’t, things would already be better. You would have already achieved the outcome or transformation you desire.

And if this has been going on for awhile, maybe even years, there’s a good chance you’ve suffered through bouts of overwhelm, anxiety or even depression. Maybe it feels like you’ve been stuck in a rut. Or that you’re just not realizing your potential - that there’s a more meaningful and satisfying experience of life that you’re somehow missing out on.


I’m here to share with you that the reason you haven't yet achieved your desired outcome and the life you truly want - is related to the current state of what I call, your inner landscape.

Your inner landscape is comprised of your emotions and thought patterns, as well as your experiences in the nervous system. These directly influence the decisions and choices you make in life - and the actions you take. And in turn, these determine and shape, the reality you live in now. And also, the reality you will live in - in the future.

Series Overview

The Inner Foundation Series (IFS) is a contemplative training program that teaches you how to align your inner landscape with the outcomes you choose to create for yourself and in your life.

This foundational program is comprised of 4 courses, where I will guide you through a process of self-exploration so that you can discover the present state of your inner landscape and learn how to align it with the results you desire.


IFS1: The Art of Mindful Visioning (AMV)
Discover why vision is essential and how to leverage it to create the outcomes in life you choose.
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IFS2: The Art of Inner Mapping (AIM)
Learn to still, focus, and direct your mind to transform your life through awareness tools.
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IFS3: The Art of Conscious Action (ACA)
Learn techniques to identify, shift, and choose emotions to shape your decisions and actions.
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IFS4: The Art of Energetic Leadership (AEL)
Discover how to consciously influence your environment through inner mental and emotional strategies.
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While you can start with any of the 4 courses in the series, students have found that it is often most impactful to go through the series in order, unless you are especially drawn to the themes and content of a particular course at this moment.

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Since you’re here, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve already tried some other forms of personal development in the past and just haven’t gotten the results you desired.

In fact, maybe you’ve tried many! Always feeling the need for another book, another meditation style, another retreat. And you’re starting to feel overwhelmed because it’s like you’re constantly on this “hamster wheel” of personal growth and healing. Maybe you’ve even started to feel like there’s something wrong with you.


The truth is - it’s not you. It’s just that much of what’s out there doesn’t address the fundamentals. And that makes all the difference. When you take the time to establish a strong foundation in the fundamentals of fulfillment, you’ll know how to put the right effort - into the right things. Then, everything you build, develop and create - flows from and expands your experience of fulfillment. It creates space for a more joyful, impactful and successful way of being that is an expression of your highest self.

You’re no longer pushing a boulder uphill. You stop struggling against self-doubt, wondering if you’re on the right track or if there’s some better, faster, or shinier way to get the results you’re looking for. This is not some new, secret way to hack your goals. If you’ve tried the rush-rush-hack-hack approach to change - you know rushing and hacking get you nowhere.


The Inner Foundation Series is intentionally designed to give students the necessary space to engage with the "home practice material" to truly integrate and embody the skills being developed into daily life (knowledge alone is not enough!).

IMPORTANT NOTE: The program is designed so that each module of a course builds upon skills developed in a previous one. It is only in building a strong foundation in the fundamentals that leads to lasting success and fulfillment.


Each course module contains:

  • Lesson videos that introduce the concepts and skills being trained
  • Journaling/contemplation prompts
  • Guided meditation/inner training audio recordings
  • Energy reset techniques to use throughout the day

I define high performers simply as someone who aspires for something to be better and is willing to do something about it - to move in that direction. And so, if you’re reading this page right now, you’re definitely a high performer - even if you don’t self-identify as one. Because you’re interested in improving your life in some way and you’re reading this page. You’re already taking action.

This program is not just about affirmations, reframing things, or positive thinking. These don’t work to create the change you’re looking for because, well, they operate at the “thinking” level.

You can't think your way into a new way of being.

Instead, the Inner Foundation Series offers the opportunity to create a deeper shift. It works at the “operating system” level, rather than the “application” level. If you’ve tried other personal development methods before and they didn’t work (or the results didn’t last) - it’s likely because they were only operating at the “application” or mental/thinking level.

And so, are you ready? Are you willing? 
Because that’s all you need to start. To begin the simple act of exploring your inner landscape: your mental patterns, your beliefs, your emotions, your nervous system - to observe what drives you - and what blocks you.

But that’s only half the equation of living a truly fulfilled life. Many heart-centered coaches only emphasize cultivating inner wisdom and spiritual transformation, while largely neglecting the energy management aspects and practical skills needed - to actually thrive in the physical realm and create tangible success and impact in the world. While, on the other hand, many high performance coaches overly focus on outer achievements - and external validators of success.

The result is that you may feel more at peace, but your relationships fall apart - or your business fails. Or on the other side, you may appear to “have it all” - nice house, nice car, nice job - but feel empty inside, or be in a constant state of anxiety.


What is actually needed is both an awareness of your inner landscape and the creation and cultivation of new and effective skills and tools that align you with the outer results you want. So that you experience greater inner peace, greater joy, greater fulfillment - while working towards the outcomes you choose to create.

This is where “heart-centered” and “high performance” converge. Where you can be productive, while being joyful. Where you can feel fulfilled, while working towards your next goal - whatever that may be.

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Complete Inner Foundation Series (All-in-One Bundle)

Only $270 USD
(or purchase individual courses separately)


And so, if you’re ready to discover what’s holding you back and willing to do something to overcome that - I encourage you to start today with the Inner Foundation Series contemplative training program. This 4-course program is designed to be a powerful tool to help you transform your life.

It’s not a program for those who just want a quick fix or who just want to collect more and more “knowledge” to fill up their heads with. It’s for people who want to commit to real and lasting change in how they approach life and engage in the world.

Whether you want better performance in your work or career, deeper and more meaningful relationships in your life, or to improve your body or overall health and wellbeing - the Inner Foundation Series contemplative training program offers a path.



The Inner Foundation Series is a comprehensive program that helps you to dissolve the inner patterns that are no longer serving you and replace them with updated, more conscious ones that produce both inner and outer results.

It includes fundamental practices that will empower you to become self-reliant and help you to shift the mental, emotional and nervous system patterns that are defining your capacity to create success and actualize what is truly possible for you. This program is designed to not just be something you go through - but something that you actually apply in your day-to-day life.

I’m truly excited for what you’re going to discover and the results you’re going to create! 

Click here to enroll in the
Complete Inner Foundation Series (All-in-One Bundle)

Only $270 USD
(or purchase individual courses separately)




MIKE WANG is a coach for heart-centered high performers and creator of the Inner Foundation Series (IFS) contemplative training program, which helps people learn to manage their energy and align mental and emotional strategies in order to achieve greater fulfillment in life, work and relationships.

He is also a meditation, qigong, tai chi and kung fu teacher - having practiced these contemplative mind-body practices for over 25 years and has been teaching out of his studio in Boulder, Colorado since 2007. 

Mike Wang Coaching

“The Inner Foundation Series literally saved my marriage of 34 years. My wife and I were on the verge of divorce...constantly bickering, criticizing, and blaming each other. By applying the skills we learned from the program, we have completely transformed our relationship. I cannot thank Mike enough for everything.”

Mike Wang Coaching

“When I started the program [IFS], I was feeling very emotional and unstable at work. I often cried and thought about quitting my job. I didn't know how to handle my emotions. But now, things are much better. I feel peaceful and confident at work, and I've learned how to express my emotions in a healthier way. I'm proud of what I'm accomplishing and I feel comfortable in my leadership role. I've also learned how to manage my time and energy better, which has given me more bandwidth in life.”

Mike Wang Coaching

“Mike has been very helpful to me in addressing how I respond to things. Between physical techniques like [intentional] breathing, mental techniques like connecting to vision, and emotional techniques like tapping into a desired love-based state, I came away with a number of practical tactics for managing angry or fearful or defensive reactions in my relationships. Mike is also an awesome listener, and does a really great job of creating a safe and engaging space where you can share freely and feel heard. My time with him has been very well spent.”

Mike Wang Coaching

“Thanks to IFS, I am more self-aware and understand why I have certain patterns in my life. It’s provided me with tools to help me manage anxiety, overwhelm and depression. I can now handle situations better and not let setbacks slow me down. I feel less stressed because I have new ways to deal with my thoughts and emotions. I also feel more confident in myself. It has given me hope.”