The Art of Inner Mapping:
Align Your Thoughts, Transform Your Life

Have you ever felt like despite knowing exactly what you want in life, achieving it seems like a distant dream?

This disconnect often leads to a cycle where aspirations remain just that - aspirations. The consequence? A life that feels unfulfilled, potential that remains untapped, and a personal vision that stays just out of reach.

The root of this disconnect lies deeper than mere procrastination or self-doubt. It's about the unseen commitment your subconscious mind has that may not align with your conscious goals. This misalignment is subtle yet powerful, steering you away from the life you aspire to lead.

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Imagine navigating through your day with thousands of thoughts, each with the potential to shape your reality. When these thoughts are not in harmony with how you want to feel, the decisions and actions you take might lead you away from your goals, creating a life of "what ifs" and "if onlys."

Self-limiting beliefs are often the greatest hurdles. They silently whisper doubts, holding you back even when you consciously believe in your capabilities. The result? A life where you're constantly running in place, unable to reach the finish line of your goals.


This course is a journey of awareness and transformation. In order to change, we must first be aware of what needs changing. It's the unseen elements within us that often need the most attention.

The Art of Inner Mapping teaches you to identify and understand your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions - because it can be hard to see the picture when you’re the one in the frame. You'll learn to discern where you currently stand, which is essential in plotting a clear course to where you want to be.

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Our minds are perpetual thought machines, but without focus, these thoughts can lead us astray. This course empowers you to become friends with your mind, ensuring that your thoughts and focus are aligned with your true aspirations.

Understanding the origin of your thought patterns is key to changing them. It's not about assigning blame, but about recognizing and reshaping these patterns to forge a life that truly resonates with your authentic goals.

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The Art of Inner Mapping is not a course for those seeking only to accumulate theoretical knowledge; it's a transformative experience focused on practical application and deep personal change. The course will teach you:

How to Align Your Daily Thoughts with Desired Outcomes so you can make decisions and take actions that bring you closer to your aspirations, avoiding a life of regrets and missed opportunities.

How to Identify and Shift Your Subconscious Patterns so you can align them with your conscious aspirations and break free from self-imposed limits.

How to Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs and Doubts so you can move forward with confidence and clarity towards your goals.

How to Gain Insight into Your Mental and Emotional Drivers so you can initiate meaningful change and transform your life's direction.

How to Harness the Power of Focused Thinking so you can translate your aspirations into tangible outcomes.


Remember, the practical application of this awareness is vital. Knowledge alone is not enough. This course is not just about learning; it's about transforming - transforming your thoughts, your actions, and ultimately, your life.

The Art of Inner Mapping is more than a course; it's part of the core curriculum in our Inner Foundation Series, which offers a pathway to greater personal mastery. It's about breaking free from the unseen chains holding you back and stepping into a future where your personal vision is not just possible but achievable.



Course Overview

Participants in the Art of Inner Mapping will be committing to a 4-module (self-paced) program. All lessons are pre-recorded.

Each lesson contains:

Lesson videos that introduce
the concepts and skills being trained

Journaling/contemplation prompts

Guided meditation/inner training
audio recordings

Energy reset techniques
to use throughout the day

Sample Lesson Topics:

  • The Power of Thought and Training the Mind
  • Aligning the Conscious and Subconscious Minds
  • The Skill of Thought Awareness
  • Overcoming the Judgment Trap
  • Understanding the Emotional Feedback Loop
  • Releasing Self-Blame in Self-Discovery
  • Emotional Anchors: Beliefs and Their Roots
  • From Repetition to Reality: Conditioning the Mind
  • The Mind's Recurring Themes
  • Guiding Emotions Through Thought



MIKE WANG is a coach for heart-centered high performers and creator of the Inner Foundation Series contemplative training program, which helps people learn to manage their energy and align mental and emotional strategies in order to achieve greater fulfillment in life, work and relationships.

He is also a meditation, qigong, tai chi and kung fu teacher - having practiced these contemplative mind-body practices for over 25 years and has been teaching out of his studio in Boulder, Colorado since 2007.