True Compassion is Not Selective

I recently was taken aback when I came across a post a Facebook friend had made. Without going into specifics, it condoned harm and suffering to those who didn't agree with their position on a particular topic.⁣

We live in very polarized times. And it's understandable that many of us feel passionate about wanting to help in some way - to help reduce the suffering in the world...or the lives of those around us.⁣

We may feel powerless. We want to help - but don't know what what we can do.⁣

And out of this sense of powerlessness, we can start to feel hurt. Angry. Sad. Especially as HSPs and highly empathic people.⁣

But it's important for us to understand that we will never heal the world if our focus is on the suffering around particular people, events or issues.⁣

When we focus on specifics. When we focus on "sides." When we focus on how one side is right, while the other side is wrong. We are in realm of POWER.⁣

And so, if your side is winning, the other side is feeling oppressed. When the other side is winning, you're feeling hurt, angry and sad. Any "winning" is short-lived and superficial in the bigger picture.⁣

Instead, we must see the suffering of humanity as a whole.

YOUR suffering and the suffering of those who you might dislike or disagree with - are no different. They are both part of the collective suffering of humanity.⁣

It is only when we come to this realization that we understand - it is by reducing our OWN suffering that we can truly help the world.⁣

When we come from a place of hurt, anger or sadness - we are actually contributing to the suffering in the world. Not only is this unhelpful - but unsustainable.⁣

And not only is it unsustainable - but it's actually harmful to ourselves and our energy. It's easy to succumb to always blaming others and falling into a victim mentality. We become - disempowered.⁣

Hurt people hurt people.⁣

The single most important thing you can do to help heal the planet is to focus on cultivating a life that makes you happy and at peace. This is the only way to become a part of the solution - and not the problem.⁣

This is the path towards empowerment, love and compassion.