Social Media as a Mindfulness Practice

I know a lot of HSPs that need to take frequent breaks from social media due to feelings of overwhelm and overstimulation. While I definitely encourage this if needed, I feel it's an invitation to explore deeper - as far as our relationship to social media itself.⁣

Taking breaks could be seen as more of a self-soothing technique - more of a band-aid solution. Similar to when people temporarily delete social media apps from their phone.⁣

They may feel better. But why? What is it about how we engage with social media that makes us need to take breaks in the first place?⁣

For HSPs, I feel it relates to our capacity to take in a lot of information. We are deep thinkers. We are deep feelers. We are able to pick up on subtleties that others often miss.⁣

Personally, I'm a fan of social media. It allows me to connect with people from all over the world that I might not otherwise have the opportunity to do so. I get to learn about new things - and broaden my perspectives. It allows me to get outside my personal bubble and even exercise my empathy.⁣

Where HSPs often get into trouble is that we JUDGE what we see on our feeds. We mistake our deep capacity for DISCERNMENT - for the need to judge.⁣

Of course, this is not unexpected. Social media is designed for us to judge what we see - to "engage" us. Do I LIKE this piece of content? Or do I LOVE it? Maybe it makes me SAD or ANGRY instead? Do I AGREE or DISAGREE with it? What's the creator's motivation for posting this? What does this piece of content say about me?⁣

When we engage social media as a place to practice JUDGMENT - of course we're going to experience things like decision fatigue and overwhelm. It can feel like we're consuming a lot of empty calories but not getting a lot of nourishment.⁣

Rather, you can try engaging social media as a mindfulness practice. Try viewing pieces of content in your feeds like thoughts in your mind. They come and go - just like clouds in the infinite sky. We are not our thinking minds.⁣

From this space, I can appreciate all content - especially if it comes from a place of authentic expression. It is the expression itself that I appreciate - and the human being that created the expression.⁣

The more we judge something, the more we attach ourselves to it. It is why we see such polarity and separation on social media.⁣

But I believe we can mindfully use social media as a tool - just like how we can train our minds to be of service to us, rather than be a slave to them.⁣

If you have an antagonistic relationship to social media - taking breaks and deleting apps doesn't address the root cause.⁣

Practice greater self-care. Explore within. Be intentional. Judge less. Connection over separation.