Am I Too Old?




Picture this: you're at that 'certain age', maybe 'middle-aged', pondering a career shift, thinking about dating again, or seriously contemplating a complete overhaul of your health and fitness due to a recent health scare. But then you shrug and think to yourself, "I'm too old for this."

This is something I hear often since I work with a lot of clients in their 40s, 50s, and even 60s. Many have built successful careers in the corporate world or academia. Some have become newly single after raising kids into young adults - or sadly, after the loss of a spouse.

But the truth is, age is not the hurdle. It's all about the patterns engrained in your nervous system.




Perhaps you've spent a lifetime silently entertaining a dream, say, writing a book - or starting that business or non-profit that would make a meaningful impact in the world in some way. But, you've been conditioned since childhood to avoid risks, so you've followed the conventional path: education, a steady job, and family. It's been good; you've built a good life. But that silent, persistent dream? It's still there, and so are those deep-rooted patterns of fear, doubt, and overwhelm. Now, years later, it seems easier to just give up and tell yourself, "It's too late."

Well, that's just not true. It's never too late. I've seen people transform their lives, find love, change careers, even when they initially believed it to be impossible. The secret isn't in your age, it's about reconditioning your nervous system to embrace change with courage and enthusiasm, instead of letting fear and self-doubt take over.

Our emotions fuel our thoughts, which then dictate our actions. When fear or doubt sneaks in as we venture into the unknown, it's not the newness that's scary. It's our old emotional pattern towards new things that triggers this response. As we age, these patterns become more ingrained, and might seem difficult to break. But it's definitely possible with the right training.

Training that helps you identity and evolve the patterns that are holding you back - so that you create new patterns that will direct your actions to achieve the outcomes you desire.

The good news is - your age doesn't matter. No matter your stage of life, embarking on a new journey and living a different experience of life is always within reach.