Releasing Attachments For Intuitive Living: A Journey From External to Internal Outcomes


In our pursuit to craft our ideal life, we often get caught in the intricate dance of desire and destiny. This journey, which I like to describe as the "art of creation," involves a profound connection between our emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and eventually, our actions and behaviors that shape our reality.

The Path Isn't Always Straightforward

In a world of quick fixes and instant gratification, it's a common misconception to believe that manifesting our dreams is linear. We often visualize a perfect outcome, expecting life to move in a straight path towards it. However, life has its own mysterious ways. The path to our desires often demands us to confront confusion, uncertainty, self-doubt, and periods of introspection.

While creating the life we desire, it's essential to commit to the vision while also letting go of the exact outcome. It’s about understanding that creation is a co-creative process with life itself. There are instances when we must act, and others when we must surrender.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

A fulfilling life often demands us to expand beyond our comfort zones. It's where the magic happens. By ignoring our intuition and the subtle messages within, we hold ourselves back from embracing the unknown. It's this fear of the unknown that leads us to cling onto specific outcomes, often external ones.

However, sometimes the external outcome we’re so attached to might not necessarily be in alignment with what truly serves our higher self.

Internal vs. External Outcomes

This brings us to the crucial differentiation between internal and external outcomes. An external outcome could be a specific relationship or job, while the internal might be feeling loved or successful. When we become overly attached to the external, we often overlook the essence of what we truly seek internally.

For instance, in a relationship, our external attachment could be to a specific individual, while internally, we might be seeking the feeling of unconditional love. Letting go of an external attachment might open doors to a relationship that offers the love we seek internally.



Cherish the Journey

Even when it seems like things are falling apart, it’s crucial to retain trust in the process. Often, setbacks or detours are setting up the foundation for even better outcomes. This is where our focus should shift from trying to control every external factor to nourishing our internal landscape.

Your worth isn't determined by past failures or unmet expectations. In fact, every setback is an opportunity to recalibrate and move closer to what truly aligns with your essence.

Trust, Act, and Let Go

The culmination of our desires often requires harmony in our thoughts, emotions, choices, and actions. Train yourself to recognize situations that misalign with your worth. The secret is to make choices that resonate with your inner truth, even if it means letting go of what no longer serves you.

Closing Thoughts

In our quest for fulfillment, remember that intuitive living involves anchoring in the present, believing in your worth, and continuously aligning with your inner truth. While the journey might be unpredictable, every step, every challenge, and every realization brings us closer to crafting the life we've always envisioned.