How the Mind Works




The mind is an incredibly powerful tool. Whatever we feed it, like our thoughts, it doesn’t just hold onto them. It energizes them - and amplifies them. This leads us to take action, turning what we think about into real things in our world, whether it’s in the form of our choices, decisions, and behaviors - or tangible things that we can see and touch in our daily lives.

We can’t really change how the mind works. It just does what it’s designed to do. Think of the mind as a place where ideas and possibilities come to life. You have the power to select the thoughts you want to focus on, and which ones to let go of. But the mind is always active, constantly thinking - that’s its job.

I’ve worked with many clients where their minds are constantly running non-stop. For some, their minds even keep them up at night. Or they have to find ways to numb or subdue them in order to get a moment’s peace. They tell me, they wish that they could just stop thinking.

But our goal isn’t to shut down the mind’s thinking process. Believe me, that’s not something you’d want. Imagine if you suddenly had no thoughts at all - life would become quite dull. You’d kind of be in a state of perpetual limbo. So, it's actually a good thing that your mind is always thinking. This is what actually enables you to be aware, interact with your surroundings, and create the vision of life you want.




And so, remember, how the mind works is that, whatever thoughts we feed it…it energizes and amplies them. And whatever thoughts we take out - or don’t focus on - it no longer has the ability to energize or amplify them. So those thoughts no longer have the ability to create through us.

You get to decide what to fill your mind with and what to clear out. Whatever you focus your thinking on, that's what will materialize. Those thoughts will grow, come to life, and end up shaping your experiences.

And the thoughts you let go of - they stop influencing your reality. They won’t amplify or become real in your life. Remember, the mind's job is to think. It doesn’t differentiate between good thoughts or bad thoughts. Useful ones or unuseful ones. It doesn’t refuse to create thoughts that might lead to undesirable outcomes. It treats all thoughts equally, without judgment.

The mind is simply a powerful tool that energizes and amplifies whatever thoughts you put there. Supporting you on your journey of making your envisioned outcome a reality.