Biweekly Q&A for Recent Students

Even though the live calls are twice a month, you can submit questions via the Biweekly Q&A form, and I can sometimes record my response for you even before the calls... 

See below for upcoming dates/times - and to schedule!

You are eligible for these if:

  • You paid for a Mike Wang course within the past 2 months. Go ahead and sign up for a spot below!

  • FYI, the signup calendar below is only available for the upcoming Q&A calls for the next 2 months.  To see available calls past that, please revisit this page in a few weeks. If you are eligible, you'll receive a reminder email about it.

Questions you can bring to these Q&A calls...

  • Clarification: "I'm trying to implement what you taught in Course XYZ, but I don't understand ____________."

  • Troubleshooting: "I seem to be doing XYZ right, but why am I not getting expected results?"

  • Curiosity: "I learned about XYZ strategy from another coach. What do you think about it?"