Inner Foundation Series (Brief Overview)

The Inner Foundation Series (IFS) is a contemplative training program that teaches you how to align your inner landscape with the outcomes you choose to create for yourself and in your life.

This foundational program is comprised of 4 courses, where I will guide you through a process of self-exploration so that you can discover the present state of your inner landscape and learn how to align it with the results you desire.


IFS1: The Art of Mindful Visioning (AMV)
Discover why vision is essential and how to leverage it to create the outcomes in life you choose.

IFS2: The Art of Inner Mapping (AIM)
Learn to still, focus, and direct your mind to transform your life through awareness tools.

IFS3: The Art of Conscious Action (ACA)
Learn techniques to identify, shift, and choose emotions to shape your decisions and actions.

IFS4: The Art of Energetic Leadership (AEL)
Discover how to consciously influence your environment through inner mental and emotional strategies.